Differences Between Money Lines and Points Spreads

Straight bets have the highest popularity amongst all wagering forms. They are simple to place, and give the player a 50/50 shot at winning.

You can bet the moneyline on a team, a player, or a sporting event. The favorite line is -300. That means, to win $100 you have to stake $300. Your winnings will total $400.

You will also see that the line for non-favored teams is +400. That means, in order to win $400, you would need to wager $100.

When betting on point spreads, a bet can be placed on an favored line, such as -5. To win, you need to pick a team that will cover the spread. You win if, for example, you wager on Chicago 100 and Miami 92. This is because, when 5 points are subtracted from your chosen team’s total score, the result is 95. That is higher than the Heat’s 92.

The opposite is true if you pick the Bulls and the final score of the match was 100-97. You will lose the bet even though the Bulls won, because you only get 95 points when you take out 5 from the total 100. That’s less than Miami’s 97 points.

Point spreads differ from money lines in that they allow you to bet more and risk more, but your chances of winning increase. On the other hand, sides often have a -110 line, which is an additional $100 for each $110 you wagered.

Ponder replaces McNabb at the start of this season

Leslie Frazier, head coach of the Vikings who have a 1-5 record, decided not to trust the experience of Donovan McNabb. This is why he has given Christian Ponder his first starting quarterback job. McNabb spent most of the last season on the bench by the Redskins, who preferred Rex Grossman. When the Vikings purchased the veteran, they hoped that changing franchises would improve McNabb’s performance 2up.

Marshall and Moore, a winning combination for Dolphins

Brandon Marshall went off-bounds on a play which could have resulted in a six-pointer. The Dolphins are now 0-5 after losing Chad Henne as their starter quarterback due to shoulder surgery. Marshall looks good on his debut for Miami in this season. Matt Moore is the new QB of Florida and will take the lead from here on. The Dolphins should give Marshall another chance as a starter so they can see if their hapless Dolphins are able to keep going.

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