The Ideal Audio Book Player – Individual Suitability

You have found your passion for audio books and you are hooked. These audio books are amazing because they can be listened to anywhere. Once you’ve become an audiobook disciple, the only problem is deciding which type and model of player best suits your lifestyle and budget.

The CD player can be used in your sound system if you are planning to listen to music in your own home. You can listen to audio books from your car while driving, but it is better to use the in-car CD players. Even though quality recordings are becoming more difficult, some faithfuls prefer old technology.

There is much debate around which audio book format is best mp3juice. However, I believe that it is important to find the right player for your individual needs and budget.

A long-time friend of mine, who is one the early devotees of audio books, has an extensive collection of old audio book cassettes that he plays on an equally old cassette player. Even though technology has improved, such as digital players and newer formats that are available online, this friend still prefers to hear his audio book recordings on cassette. It’s almost like his friends who are still holding onto their LP records, and refuse to buy CDs and cassettes. As everyone has their own preferences, I think this friend is not alone.

Working with any player will not give you the listening pleasure that you desire, especially if this is your first audio book experience. MP3 players have quickly become the preferred choice of many audio book listeners. There are many MP3 player options to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Many brands, sizes, and styles are available to suit your individual needs. You should note that not all MP3s can play audiobooks to the optimal specifications.

Here are some facts that you should consider when deciding if your MP3 is ready to play the role of an audio book player.

MP3 conversion rate: To achieve the best quality sound, your MP3 player should convert at a rate above 16KB

The MP3’s storage capacity: Make sure your player has enough Gigabytes. A lot of audio books can be very long, sometimes up to 10hrs. Therefore, a player with a lower capacity than 1 Gigabyte will not accommodate the entire recording.

Maximum volume for MP3s: Although it is up to you to decide how loud your audio books will be played, MP3 players won’t allow them to play them at levels that are comparable to outside noise. MP3 players are ideal for music that has nuances that aren’t as subtle as spoken words. This is why you should consider wearing a headphone cover instead of the ear-plugs.

The software used to play MP3s: It is important to consider whether the software can be used to access a specific chapter when you lose your batteries or the player suddenly stops. Is your MP3 player organized in arranging the chapters?

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