Beating Casino Slot Machines – How to Beat Some Slot Machines in Local Casinos

Casino slot machines are the highest-earning business. IGT was the original slot machine maker and introduced Visions, a new type of machine. They were the same as regular casino slot machines but with a bonus feature. They were usually found in the top portion of the machine as a monitor. Ninety percent these machines could be beat. Yes, it is possible to win on slots. What is the secret? It was very simple and secret.

Traditional slot machines have a random generator. This randomly activates when you activate your first credit. It then chooses the spin. This random generator is responsible for determining the pay line payouts and the final percentages. The higher the denomination, the higher the percentage. What are the best ways to win?

The difference in a Vision machine by IGT is this. The percentages on the pay lines are far lower than traditional machines mega888. This is because some percentage of the pay line is added to the bonus on Visions. You can find many bonuses in this bonus that is typically found on the video screen. You may have seen a cartoon-like cherry pie displayed on the monitor of a cherry pies slot machine. You might also see a screen that flashes a cartoonish image of a diamond mine while you are playing. These are just two of many IGT Visions.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of IGT Visions. The Cherry Pie and Diamond Mine machines are among the most sought-after. The Diamond Mine is an example. A video screen is located at the top of the Diamond Mine, as with almost all IGT Visions. Each column can hold up to 10 diamonds. Double Diamond machines have the traditional version. All the reels work the same except that there is an additional diamond. These are not the Double Diamond emblems which represent 2 x on a pay line but actual graphics of diamonds. This diamond is not included in the pay line. The diamond adds either 1, 2, or 3, depending on whether you place 1, 2,, or 3 coins in the columns above the video screen when you hit the adjacent diamond.

If you find 10 diamonds within a column, you will get 10 credits. There are two things you should know about a Diamond Mine.

1) How many Diamonds should it have? 1) How many Diamonds must it have before you can play the machine with a positive expectation? 2) How many coins will you need to wager each spin. This is dependent on the pattern and division of the Diamonds into the 3 columns.

The Diamond Mine is one among the most volatile and profitable slots. Bonuses come very quickly, which is why it is very popular with ‘Hustlers. We’ll provide a link below that will take you to the complete website.

One last note:

This could have happened to anyone who has ever played many slots. It was almost as if someone was looking over your shoulder while you played on certain machines. It is possible that the IGT Vision was involved. These are the men that first discovered this and were responsible for many players being evicted from casinos. They would tell all their friends about it and almost fight each time a machine gave them a “Full Bonus”.

Those days are long gone. That is actually a good thing. Because there are far fewer people playing these slots, they are now obsolete.